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Introvert v/s Extrovert

When we are at a very young age, all of us were Extroverts. As babies, we would connect with anybody who was put in our way and babble away. Even as toddlers, we would be too eager to communicate whatever we have learned word by word.

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As we grow, we not only tend to observe how the others are reciprocating in the conversation, but also try to sense the vibes they are giving out. Be it positive or negative. And based on our experiences, we choose what we remain to be: either an Introvert or an Extrovert.

Something similar happened with me as well. I was an Extrovert when I was younger. I loved talking about anything and everything to the people in my circle. Or rather, my friends had equal enthusiasm for the on going chatter and would contribute to it. My parents and siblings probably thought I will grow out of that phase, which I eventually did!

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And now, I am an Introvert. I have become too cautious to approach new people and start a conversion. I keep a company of close knit friends, with whom I am a completely different person. And most definitely an extrovert. I take my own time to know a new person before I show them the Extrovert side of me. Or maybe, I just don’t want to be an extrovert with a person whom I have just met and invite them to be judgmental about my personal choices.

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In a broader perspective, all of us cannot just be either an introvert or an extrovert. It is completely dependent on the circumstance we are in. Based on which, we show either the introvert or the extrovert side of us. Or rather, it take that one person or people to bring out the extrovert side of us.