Home Cooking

Multi-Nut Laddu

This recipe is from my eldest sister who makes healthy snacks for her two boys quite frequently. Both of them are picky eaters. And she constantly tries to make snacks they can enjoy, which also has good amount of nutrition in them. Because my nephews only hog on snacks!

Here is the recipe for Multi nut laddu, takes under 10 minutes to prepare:

  1. Handful of Almonds
  2. Handful of Cashews
  3. Handful of Walnuts
  4. Handful of whole ragi (you can use powdered ragi if you are not comfortable with whole ragi)
  5. 2 tbsp of grated coconut
  6. Handful of Raisins
  7. 10 pitted Dates
  1. Dry roast all the ingredients expect for dates. Grated coconut will take a bit longer to roast.
  2. Blend all the roasted ingredients and pitted dates to a course powder and make laddus.
  3. Additional sugar is not required for this dish. Dates are substitute for sugar in this recipe and also act as binding component.
  4. And the taste of ragi and walnuts can easily be masked in this recipe.

This snack packs all the right nutrition and children will not complain to have them. Win-win situation for parents for are struggling to make tasty and healthy snacks for their kids. Do try this recipe and share your feedback!