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Birla Modern Art Gallery & Science Museum

Museums and art galleries are not everyone’s cup of tea. Even if I did know this fact, it became painfully clear while I was at the Birla Modern Art Gallery, Hyderabad. People were just walking by the paintings like they were walking in the park. Not bothering to look at the finer details of the…

Roof Garden – January 2023

Quick update on my previous post of Roof Garden (link here:https://saudhaminimylaram.in/2022/07/04/roof-garden/) – I had a very successful season of Fenugreek leaves. And seeds at the end of the season. Below are seeds from early in the season. It was a good season for kitchen garden because of the rains. Especially, coriander! My new batch of…

Sankranti Muggulu 2023

Here are my this year’s Sankranti Muggulu. I have tried new ratham muggulu this year. One I am very happy with! The other, I am still deciding how I am feeling about it. On the bright side, it does look like a miniature ratham. So I am taking that as a win.


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