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Methi Roti


11/2 cup wheat flour

1/2 cup gram flour

1 cup of finely chopped fenugreek leaves

1 green chili finely chopped

Salt to taste

1 inch ginger crushed

1/2 tsp Aam choor (dried mango powder)

A pinch of Turmeric

A pinch of Garam masala

1 tsp Oil


  1. Knead all the above ingredients together with water into a soft dough and make smaller portion to make roti.
  2. Pan fry the roti by applying little oil on both sides of the roti.
  3. Methi roti is ready to be served with curd or mango pickle

Saudhamini Mylaram

HR by profession. Reading has always been one of my favorite things to do apart from gardening, cooking and driving.

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