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Durga Puja

Location: Keyes High School by Bangiya Sanskriti Sangha Secunderabad

I have always wanted to visit school during Dussehra holidays to see the final results of the Durga pooja idol preparations that took place during our quarterly exams. I did not get a chance to visit while I was a student. We had our own rituals for the holidays which kept us busy and away from Secunderabad. This is finally checked off from my bucket list at last! I along with friend and her kid visited this pandal early evening on Saturday, 1st October.

When I was a kid, I thought it was just the pandal that is put up where Durga puja happens. But it is so much more, nothing less than a fair (small scale fair). Food stalls covering the entire middle school grounds, play area for kids in the college grounds and the high school grounds is where the pandal is set up along with clothing stalls exhibiting Bengal cotton sarees and dresses, accessories, etc.,

Although it rained in the afternoon, the crowds started trickling in after 7PM. Like us, there were many alumni in the crowds, walking around the empty hallways of the building where the general public was not allowed. The guard only allowed us into the main school area after we told him we were ex-students.  Those of us who visited had a good time talking about the old times and just soaking in the feeling of being back at school.

Back to the Durga Pooja! Even though it was not a pandal with huge fan fare, it attracted a lot of people from all communities! The pandal is open for general public till the end of the day today, October 5, 2022 – although the activities published at the pandal has events planned till 10th October 2022, Sunday. Those of you in or nearby Secunderabad area can visit the place with family and kids for a fun filled evening!

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