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Weddings in the family can be quite exciting! I for one, would get into full planning mode. What dress to wear, what hair style would go with my dress, jewelry, etc., And I have a LOT of cousins. By that I mean, I have accumulated a lot of dresses over the years. Dresses, I have worn only once or twice if those dresses are lucky. This was the situation when I was still young and had all the energy to do this.

When you get older, you get bored of attending weddings and all the dresses you bought will be collecting dust. I wish I could pull a “27 Dresses” stunt: pack these dresses up and dump them somewhere. But I did spend a lot of money on them and I am also wiser now. I am upcycling my dresses.

Meaning, when I am bored of wearing the same dupatta with the lehenga, I swap the next closest dupatta from my collection. And voila!

From a 2014 Wedding

Original lehenga fabric – Chanderi Banaras from Kaladhar, Vidhyanagar, Hyderabad. Soft net dupatta, shimmer border and banaras brocade top fabric from Badichowdi, Koti, Hyderabad.

From a 2016 Wedding

Original silk kamiz fabric and Pochampally/Ikkat dupatta from Kaladhar, Vidhyanagar, Hyderabad

Scroll to the top to see the upcycled dress! Although, the Pochampally design is not visible so clearly in the picture. I should have taken the pallu shot. I will remember that for next time!

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