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Roof Garden

Fenugreek Saplings:

After having failed to grow methi (fenugreek) multiple times in 2020, I tried again this summer. You can check my failed attempts in this post: https://saudhaminimylaram.in/2020/08/19/chronicles-of-gardening-around-my-garden/

The fenugreek seeds I used this time around could have been of hybrid variety – for the saplings I had were healthier than any batch I tried to grow previously. Or it is the result of good exposure to sunlight and plenty of water.

Even before it started to flower, I harvested one small batch of leaves for keema curry. And it tasted delicious!

The fenugreek flowers were so tiny and unique. White on some saplings and light yellow on others. I always assumed the seeds grow as is from the flowers. I was pleasantly surprised to see them grow inside – just like beans/broad beans.

I harvested the leaves twice more: once for methi chicken and the other time for aloo methi (recipe post to follow soon!) My parents who are so used to the traditionally cooked plain chicken curry – were not convinced when I wanted to make methi chicken. Once they tried the dish, they were zinged to it!

And this how my methi pot looks like now. There is one errant Tulasi plant growing along with my methi saplings to my distress. But I did not have the heart to uproot it.


I started a new batch of Basil before I went on vacation in April. The rest of my roof garden has died in the April hot sun except for my Basil pot. I am not sure how they survived for five days without water.

I occasionally use the leaves when I make pasta at home or even in the chicken curry. Basil leaves taste delicious in chicken curry.

Saudhamini Mylaram

HR by profession. Reading has always been one of my favorite things to do apart from gardening, cooking and driving.

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