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I like children – love them. I would like to have some of my own in the future. But could not resist writing about the annoying experience I am facing on a daily basis when it comes to our neighbors kids.

When you share common compound wall with an apartment, you will feel your next door neighbors are practically living in your house; especially when they carry out all their daily chores on the other side of our compound wall. Even though they have a fully functional apartment, they want to spend their mornings and evenings outdoors (on the other side of our compound wall). I have no problem with them spending their time outdoors. I do have problem when the kids become little demons and their parents/grandparents don’t make an effort to pacify them.

The eldest it the little devil! Any chance he gets he will do things to annoy us: toy with one of our cars parked out, when their car is right adjacent to ours. Throws food over the wall into our compound and used water bottles. Once I caught him doing this from my terrace – and that little devil’s response is always consistent: “It was not me aunty!” It is like live action Tom and Jerry show for me chasing after them!

And the youngest. Don’t get me started on the youngest! He is all but one. Does he have a set of solid lungs on him! From the day he was discharged from the hospital – at 4 days old, he likes to scream on top of his lungs when is taking bath. And where these baths happen? On the other side of the compound wall! – this might as well be happening in our living room. Or that’s how you feel when the screams start. I feel his screams in my bones! Even today – when he is a year old. Why the prospect of taking bath puts him in this state is beyond me! And to my utter displeasure this activity happens twice a day – morning and evening!😒

If you think this is the worst of it, their cousins arrived for the summer. They were here for a whole month! The activities happening on the other side of wall increased – double the bath time, double the screams, double the ruckus and everything! All this for a whole month!😐

Suddenly one morning just when I was anticipating the little devils to wake up and start their daily rituals, the screams ever came – they left town finally! The climate also changed that morning cooling down after a terrible summer heat, subtly hinted the (relatively) peaceful days are here. It was sign from above for me😁😮‍💨

As I have mentioned in my opening remarks, I don’t hate children. I do have niece and nephews I love and adore! I only hate those who are hell bent on making my life miserable!

Saudhamini Mylaram

HR by profession. Reading has always been one of my favorite things to do apart from gardening, cooking and driving.

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