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Radhe Shyam

I was determined to write a bad review when I sat down to watch this movie. But I did like the movie. I would like to blame the person who edited the trailer, which only showed the foolishness of the leads – to some extent that was true until you know their reasons. And there was this one review I read (not sure about the source) which says “Radhe Shyam movie is about the Visual effects and not all movies are about great stories.” That’s just the thing! It was a great story and the Visual effects kind of put a damper on the movie. The makers could have easily pulled this off as just a period drama!

Another thing that did not go well in the movie is Prabhas himself. He might have run his course with Bahubali and had nothing to offer but “the just woke up look (not in a good way)” and dead eyes without emotions. I will go on record and say this – he lost his charm! Some other young actor could have done justice to the role. And the worst thing was his face was made to look slim with the help of VFX!

Resemblance to the movie – Geethanjali was not lost on me. Especially when the actors were pulling the high adrenaline stunts with erratic/suicidal/questionable behavior since they anyway are going to die. (Oops! Their goes the spoiler!)

Let’s get to the good part, the storyline – Palmistry. It is good to have a belief system and belief in a superior power. But it is plain playing stupid by blinding going with what is predicted in your future and not do a thing to take control of your own life and choices. This movie shows that stupidness efficiently.

I strongly recommend people with blind faith to go watch this movie, even though it is a onetime watch. Don’t blindly believe in predictions and stop living your life. Make choices to live a life that you would be proud to call your own! Being happy is important but being happy with all the aspects of your life is most important!

At the end of it my review is still a bad review. Just the storyline will not cut it. It should have been a great execution too. As a maker, if you are making a movie, you would want the audience to take something away from it. If you wanted to overdo visuals, should have made this project as a pop album. Just saying.

My ratings: 2/5

Saudhamini Mylaram

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