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My Garden in Spring 2022

We have had a good last one year in terms of fruit harvests from my garden. As I have mentioned in one of my previous gardening posts (Chronicles of Gardening – Around my Garden – Chronicles of Gardening: Around my Garden – Fuller Minds (saudhaminimylaram.in)): We have always had good off season fruits – maybe because I water them every day.

Below are the pictures of some of huge harvests we have had with Guava, Custard apples, (Kala Jamuns – do not have pictures because we were very eager to eat them and did not occur to me to take pictures for my blog!) and lemons.

What’s going?

From one of my previous posts on How to grow Organic tomatoes at home – Gardening – Fuller Minds (saudhaminimylaram.in), these tomato plants are towards the tail end of their lives. Almost all of them have dried up save for one or two which are still going strong. But my! They gave a good crop for one and half year! The tomatoes themselves were very healthy and juicy. I received a lot of appreciation from our neighbors for growing tomatoes at home. Definitely a proud moment for me!

And we have seen tomatoes in varied sizes too. Not just the big juicy ones, we had cherry tomatoes. And most recently we also had berry tomatoes. These berry tomatoes were as tiny as Jujube fruit (regi pandu)! I absolutely loved looking after this batch of tomato plants. Looking forward to next crop/pot rotation now.

I have had green chilies plants for more than two years now. And I have had some crazy shaped chilies too! And it gave good crop for two years and now I guess they have lived out their lives.

I have already started using this pot for rotation. Currently I have coriander baby saplings in them which are showing good sign of life. Touch wood!

Like every year we are currently enjoying summer custard apples. This tree is ripe with fruits right now. Anybody and everybody who drives by our house go forward with heads turned around and ogling at the fruits! Not exaggerating! Can provide colony footage to vouch for this 😀

What’s new?

Trying to grow coriander at home proved to be a challenge! After many attempts, like leaving the pot on rooftop in hot sun all day (made them dry up in a day!), leaving the pot in shadow all day, all night (hardly surviving with meek leaves – we used them in our daily curries as soon as we could before the leaves turned yellow)

 I have started the next batch in my green chilies pot as crop rotation (if we can consider such a thing for pots) I am now leaving them in a shaded corner of my rooftop so the saplings get just about enough sun to thrive. And I think it is working already!

The Money plant which was just one string couple of years back is now two mammoth size creepers growing like wild animals! But they are my wild animals! 😀

For previous pictures click here for the article – Chronicles of Gardening: From my very own garden! – Fuller Minds (saudhaminimylaram.in)

The henna plant saplings were a challenge too and I was sure they were going to give up. But I was persistent too and watered them every day. So here we are, fingers crossed! I plan to move them from pot to solid ground once they grow a bit more.

The reason I wanted to have a henna plant at home was – every year in ashadam my maid has to search for these leaves for me in our colony and neighboring colonies. By the time I want to put mehendi these plants would be bare, all used up by the ladies in our colony. Last year, somehow my maid managed to find a good branch of leaves for me along with seeds! That was my opportunity to grow my own henna plant and here we are!

I should give the credit to my sister for the date (kajoor) sapling. She did want this plant – but unfortunately she lives in an apartment and had to hand it over to me.

Spring Life:

For people who enjoy gardening, spring is something we look forward to every year. Not just for exotic flowers but the flowering fruits which are sometimes too small we miss out on them.

Curry Leaves Flowers

Jasmine buds

Kala Jamun flowers

I am sure my spring flowers/wild flower phase is not done yet for this year. Please expect another post on wild flowers before the summer is over!

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