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The Batman (2022)

Director: Matt Reeves

Of all the Batman movies I have watched so far, be it live action or animated, this movie by far is the most boring and drawn out movie. It is not the fault of storyline – it was great with crime (as if should be for crime fighting vigilante), suspense, riddles, etc., Only it could have been a bit shorter.

According to me, Robert Pattison did not fit into the role of Batman. All of the previous Batmen were stronger and bulkier. And Rob Pattison, without the Bat suit drops his shoulders like the weight of the entire world is on them. But they did make an effort to show him as a strong action figure. ‘Effort’ being the keyword.

The Riddler’s acting was really good, at least in the last half hour. We may have one more Oscar winner for ‘the actor in negative role’ in the Batman movie.

Even though it is a crime story, it could have been a bit more colourful and with few more witty lines other five or so times where I could feel myself smile if not laugh.

I am not sure about the audience watching the movie in other theatres. But if you watch these movies in Prasads Big Screen (Hyderabad) during the first week of movie’s release – you are in for treat. All of Hyderabad’s comic geeks will be in the house cheering your eardrums off at all the right times during the movie. Even if you are new to the comic world – with the cheering you would know the highlights of the movies. For instance in this movie – when the batman makes an appearance in his full costume, when the Bat Mobile is shown on screen, when it flies in the air & fire and lands like beast, etc., Even though you did know if you have like these scenes, with these antics you will begin to like these scenes!

Now that I am thinking about, there were not many scenes during which the crowds could cheer. Maybe they did not like the movie as much.

The Cat women’s role was small but significant. Although, her mask with tiny ears was funny! One of the few times I actually laughed during the film.

My Ratings: 3/5

By Saudhamini Mylaram

HR by profession. Reading has always been one of my favorite things to do apart from gardening, cooking and driving.

One reply on “The Batman (2022)”

Nice review but have few words to say( will be long please bear with it 😀 ).
1. Should have given you a heads up before watching to remove Marvel movies from your head as this is different, it looks like Marvel has spoilt you with their comedy movies. A villain, a hero some banter some effects, some comedy and tease for next movie. Bleh got bored of that.
2. If you had read Batman comics you would have known his stories are always dark and gritty. His first priority is always Gotham which has very depressing and gritty outlook. Only when he is with Superman or Justice league there is some humor.
3. You had asked if Robert Pattison is good batman, its hard to put a finger on it but he is way better than “Batman with Nipples” Batman(and the story too). Maybe we should stop prioritizing strength to Bulky body. For batman his greatest weapon is his mind than his body. The only superhero without super powers; a Human, to stand up against Darkseid.
4. Batman is a detective first, his stories are always about solving the crimes and very few movies have actually shown him in this light. Even the Chris Nolan movies didn’t do that(though Batman Begins and Dark Knight are really good movies).
SO to end this comment yea the movie would appeal more to hardcore fans than a regular movie or Marvel fan.

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