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Trip down The Memory Lane – School Visit

When you spend a decade in one place (if you have done pre-school as well in the same premises then 12 years) – that place will hold a special place in your heart. And you will always think of this place with fond memories. That place for me is Keyes High School!

High School Building

It was literally like walking down a memory lane – walking through the empty corridors on a Saturday late afternoon, thinking of all the things I used to do here as a kid. Sitting down with my friends talking about the future: who would get married first, who would get into IITs, who would be successful (no doubt our definition of success and what life is has changed over the years. For better, mostly), saying goodbye to juniors, teacher etc., All that was sixteen years ago. Yet, the memories came rushing back as if I was watching in on my younger self doing all those things.

And the fun things like practice sessions for sports day events and extracurricular activities. Building up the rivalry between the groups (Rubies, Sapphires, Emeralds and Topaz). And at the end of it just enjoying the time with friends.

Self governing day: when I got to go as a teacher for the 1st standard kids. Not knowing what I was doing there in the first place. And to add to my misery – one kid cries the rest of them start crying too. Apparently, young kids influence each other most effectively!

The buildings: I know it is not a castle, like Hogwarts-kind-of-a-castle. Does it have to be, though? This school has its own charm with parapets (Primary building), huge corridors and the staircases. Don’t get me started on the staircases. The epic and historical staircases of Keyes! I am a 100% sure a major chunk of Keyesians are equally fascinated with the them as I am.

The playgrounds: I may be partial when I write this. But Keyes has the most playgrounds in Secunderabad/ Hyderabad area. What with International schools coming in with concrete jungle.

Speaking of, I am pretty sure this tree near the kindergarten is as old as the school itself. All gnarly yet sturdy, still standing tall as a sentry standing guard to the kids. I for one, remember walking past this tree for my very first day at school when I was three. Like I said, fond memories!

Who better to visit the place with than my sister! Walking down the corridors and talking about the times when the rooms in high school building were converted for science exhibition. Times when I bunked my classes in Primary to go sit in my elder sisters’ classrooms – just because they were there and I wanted the the middle school and High school experience while the three of us were in the same school. Walking past stationary shop famously known as Sardarji shop for all the Keyesians, Music room , School Canteen, etc.,

Collage canteen: I remember the days when we bunked the classes to eat Chole here. It used to be delicious! And worth bunking the classes! Now it is sadly just a scary looking place.

Collage Gate: The then Middle school ground where we attended all the PT classes from middle school. And practice sessions for the sports days. Golden memories!

Middle school building is now the Junior College.

School Bell: It is still hanging in there! Although, my primary focus in this picture was Deewan Bahdur College.

Life Science Building: In 5th standard we sat in the science lab with creepy jars filled with organs and organism.

Also the inspiration behind visiting the school was the movie I recently watched – Shiva, 1989.  Place where the “Botany paatam undi” song was shot. Ground floor where there used to be collage canteen way back. Which was later converted to the class rooms. Watching the movie brought back a lot of memories. And that’s how I ended up here a few weeks later – reliving the good old days of my childhood.

New Additions: They have added new trees and beautiful statements that every Keyesian can feel and resonate with!

I remember this tree all my high school considering our classroom was right on the first floor where this tree was. And I don’t remember seeing these canon balls on the tree then. Guess the tree has evolved too!

An hour and half later, my sister and I were no where near ready to leave this place. That is the kind of pull this school has on this students – I wanted to speak only for myself, but I know that is not the case. This post is dedicated to the school I love and all the people who are and were associated with it!

By Saudhamini Mylaram

HR by profession. Reading has always been one of my favorite things to do apart from gardening, cooking and driving.

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Beautifully written. Could relate to everything you wrote. Made wonderful memories in this school for 12 years.

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