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I was trying to grow tomatoes at home for few years now. Every time I try, I could not succeed. Sometimes due to heavy rain fall. Other times due to lack of water. Somehow this year, I could successfully grow them to harvest!

Relentless is one thing I am known for. Although I was not sure if I was going to succeed this time around too. Because I used a rotten tomato. I did not want to throw it away. I slit it and placed it in a pot. Luckily it rained a lot in the first one week and almost all seeds sprouted beautifully!

I have moved them to different pots – four/five saplings per pot and placed them far enough to grow freely. I have watched enough videos this time to prepare myself. They helped a bit and some tips did not help as much. One of the important tips is: tomato saplings need as much sun light as you can give. And so, I along with my dad moved all the pots to roof. It was manual labor. You will not believe how heavy these pots are!

Morning and evening I watered these plants. After 8 weeks I have seen these plants in full bloom! Another tip: these plants won’t need much water. Just ensure the soil is moist at all times. That’s about it.

Within the next one month, I had tomatoes growing already! Now all I am waiting to see is if I can have multiple harvests from them.

I also started a fresh batch of Mint. The last batch dried in the summer. This time as well I have used the steams of the mint bought from the market. Tip is to use the steam with healthy roots. Not all mints steams have roots. Do not use them, they will not give you the same results. I have placed the steams with roots in the pot. Within a week I had fresh leaves sprouting. And three months later I have two pots full of mint leaves growing!

From my previous gardening post, I want to share updates on two plants:

  1. My green chili plants almost died in the summer. But I moved this pot to my roof along with tomato saplings. Now it not only survived but is also giving more chilies than before.
  2. I have harvested all modhuga leaves to make organic plates. Will share a video post on this soon. Not a week later, I had new leaves sprouting. I loved this sight so much and thought to share it!

Last but not the least, I have a newest member in the house.

I have a hate-love-relationship with the pigeons. Okay, whom I am kidding? I only have hate-relationship with them. Why? They eat my custard apples just before I plan to harvest them. Trust me, it is very frustrating! I guess, that turned into kind-of-love-relationship when the pigeon made a nest and thought to grow its family. On the off-side, I should be worried right? The baby pigeon would also (at a later date) eat my custard apples.

By Saudhamini Mylaram

HR by profession. Reading has always been one of my favorite things to do apart from gardening, cooking and driving.

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