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I was supposed to post this recipe much earlier than this. Better late than never. I thought this might be useful for people who still wish to make this dish during the Ganesh Navratri celebrations.

This is a special dish made on the occasion of Vinayaka Chavithi. Undrallapayasam is one of Lord Vinayaka’s favorite dishes and it is served as prasadham to him on this day. Here is the family recipe of the dish which is passed down from ages.


Wheat Flour: 2 cups

Ghee – 6 tbsp.

Jaggery – ½ kg

Dry Fruits – handful

Cardamom powder – 1 tsp

Dry coconut pieces – handful

Poppy Seeds – handful

  1. Take one cup of the wheat flour and mix it with water to make a proper dough. Make small pebble sized (3mm) undrallu. Dry them overnight.
  2. Next morning, take a big enough cooking pot. Add three cups of water, undrallu and 4tbsp of ghee. Boil them till the undrallu are cooked, it will take about an hour’s time. This mixture is bound to stick to the bottom of the pot. To avoid this, keep stirring the contents every 5 minutes.
  3. Take another cup of wheat flour and add water to make smooth batter. Add this to the cooked undrallu in the cooking pot.
  4. Take ½ kg of Jaggery, chop it into bite size pieces. This will help it dissolve easily in the payasam. Add the Jaggery to the cooking pot. Stir thoroughly until the jaggery is melted.
  5. In a tadka pan, add 2 tbsp of ghee and chopped dry fruits. Cook till the dry fruits turn golden brown. Turn off the heat and add this to the payasam along with powdered cardamom.
  6. Special ingredients in this dish which makes it special are dry coconut pieces and poppy seeds. You can add them to the undrallu while they are cooking in the first one hour.

This dish is made once every year and I remember eagerly waiting for it to be ready, to eat. Even today, I look forward to Vinayaka Chavithi for this special dish. Hope you enjoy this dish as much as I do.

By Saudhamini Mylaram

HR by profession. Reading has always been one of my favorite things to do apart from gardening, cooking and driving.

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