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Action Movies

I was sick a while back- running with high fever and terrible cold. I was actually supposed to rest and try to get better.

But what did I do?

Watched movies to kill time – since I was losing my mind having nothing to do!

I did watch a lot of movies during this period and I could not stop myself from writing about the actions films I watched.

13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi
Director: Michael Bay

Why the sudden interest in action films, you ask?

I was drowning in the sappy romantics books and very desperately needed a palate cleanser. A quick research and search through Amazon Prime later, my interest was sufficiently piqued with this film. And what’s more, the movie had John Krisinski in it! I have always been drawn to all this historic and this movie was based on real incidents. That is another thing that’s sealed the deal for me.

Out of the three movies I am writing about in this article, this movie definitely topped the list.

I don’t think I have ever appreciated enough the efforts of US soldiers going into foreign countries – especially the ones which are politically unrest, to bring them peace. These soldiers could be staying home, protecting their borders and be done with it. But they are going the extra mile for other countries too.

I was absolutely hooked to the movie and it made me look at the world in new light.

All the events in the movie, the circumstances in parts of the world – some countries we did not even know existed, international politics, soldiers fighting – losing friends, different aspects of these soldiers – were very well shown.

Good efforts by the team and a must watch for people who enjoy learning real incidents and historic events.

My ratings: 4/5

Django Unchained
Director: Quentin Tarantino

The only reason I watched this film because it was promised to be an action film. It proved to be too much of an action film. So much so that – I had to take a break, recover and finish the movie. I guess it was not made for people like me to watch – too much violence!

The movie was set in 1850’s and covered all the ways Black people were treated back in those days. Horrible! They were treated horribly! Something new I learned from History through this movie. Should have just read a book about it and limit my imagination with the cruelty: white people where as barbaric as animals. Taking pleasure on whipping black women and fight to death (with bare hands) – was a bit much to digest. But that was the reality back then.

While I struggled to complete this movie, I only went back to finish it because getting closure is very important to me. That and Christoph Waltz action and his timely humour got me through it.

I understand why this movie and the actors received so many accolades, but not all award winning movies are watchable. Lesson learned hard way!

My ratings: 4/5 (not re-watching this movie again, but for the efforts I am rating this movie 4)

Without Remorse
Director: Stefano Sollima

I was supposed to write this movie’s review as standalone review. Or that’s what I thought I’d do when I started watching this movie. I couldn’t have been more disappointed having finished this film.

If you have watched the trailer a man says to Micheal B Jordan:”you were supposed to dead”. This sequence happens after Micheal has already been in two shoot-outs.

By the end of the movie, I don’t know how many others felt it but I certainly did – why wouldn’t he remain dead? Not because I hated the character but somebody else in his place would ideally remain dead, given the circumstances.

And in one of the ridiculous situations he manages to save his team all by himself from Russian soldiers and he survives too! And he survives the car crash (into the river bed) while the other person dies.

Too unrealistic, or probably I had high expectations from this film.

My ratings: 1/5

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