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Wonder Woman 1984

Director: Patty Jenkins

How many of you who watched WW84, felt that the makers should have stopped with Justice League featuring Wonder Women in the DC films in that chronological order? Or maybe they should have come up with a better story. Any which case, it would be an understatement to say the movie did not live up to my expectations.

As exciting as it was to watch the movie’s trailer, buying the tickets to watch the film in an actual theater rather than sitting at home and watching it in the confines of your safe haven, risking your life with the life threatening virus that is still making the world cringe, was a wasted effort.

My excitement lasted for all about fifteen minutes and it went downhill from there during the film. Just in case the makers get a chance to read this review, I want you to know why I felt disappointed after watching this film.

Wonder Women was portrayed as this larger than life super hero (obviously, since she is a demi-god with super powers) even in comparison with Batman and Superman in all the previous DC films. Where was the extravagance or the action sequences that got us going in the previous films?

If you want to get away with the cat fight towards the end of the film, then please! It was less than impressive! In simple terms, not worth watching a film only to watch two women fight literally like cats!

And the cause and purpose of the film was already covered in so many movies that came before this film. Why should we watch this particular one?

For Gal Gadot’s sexy legs?

Since I am a woman who is interested in men, I would rather watch Chris Pine’s sexy face! Even the withered one with age. This brings me to my next disappointing point with the film. You should have left him (Steve Trevor) in peace, in his grave. Literally!

His role in the first Wonder Women movie was too good to be true and his purpose was served in the first film. Why bring him back only to disappoint his fans by erasing him away?

OK, let’s come to the “purpose of the film”. We all know greed is not good and only wish for things we actually need. But, after the mother box and fighting the parademons, fighting for wish stone was a massive disappointment to state the least.

It makes absolutely no sense going back in time to make another movie after closing the series finale. And if you do feel the need to make more movies which I am sure you will. Please make the story line stronger than WW84 if you want people to come watch your movies in theaters again or otherwise too!

My ratings for the film: 1.5/5, that too for Chris Pine’s presence even though it was completely unnecessary to bring him back to life!

By Saudhamini Mylaram

HR by profession. Reading has always been one of my favorite things to do apart from gardening, cooking and driving.

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