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Rapes or Gang Rapes in India

A woman gets brutally gang raped in the capital of India and left on the road to fend for herself in the night. Police fight over the jurisdiction and delay getting medical help for her and when the issue was turning political she was shifted to an overseas hospital as if the Indian hospitals are not equipped enough to treat her, just to prove that the government was doing everything in its power to save her. Once she dies and they bring her body back to India, the headlines across all newspapers will leave you either in tears or make you feel terrible for her.

Even with the fast track courts in place for rapes, the case dragged on for eight years! And then justice was served. Four of the six accused were hanged for the crime. One hanged himself in jail cell. The last one was released after serving three years in jail. That’s highest punishment that can be imposed on an under aged rapist in India and we as civilians can do nothing about it! Did the accused not know he was under aged at the time of crime? Why was he sent home? So he can do it again in the future? With such people on lose they are putting other women at risk!

When this incident came to light, the Indian government made amendments to the existing law on such criminal activities and made it more stringent. Shouldn’t that reduce rape cases in India? Why is there a year by year increase in the cases reported? And let’s not count the unreported cases, their number will be much higher!

The job of Government officials does not and should not end at passing the bills. They should also ensure the pending cases are closed at the earliest and ensure the justice is being prevailed. That is when civilians can have their faith restored in politicians!

Let’s continue with the other cases that came to light through media, Priyanka Reddy from Hyderabad. Brutally gang raped and burnt alive by four men. The state government at that time was under a lot of pressure and justice was served for Priyanka in which ever form they could give. Justice was served! End of the story!

Having said that, a family lost their daughter. Nothing can replace the grief they have gone through. But that incident was severe enough, the next person who thinks about doing this to another woman will pause and think about what happened to the convicted in Priyanka’s case.

Let’s come back to the pressure the government feels whenever such a case goes to media and becomes center of attention. Do we not elect our leaders to make us feel protected in our own cities and country? This becomes the primary need for common people when compared to roads, electricity, water, 1 lakh 2 BHK apartments the government is building for poor from the last five years and never been handed over to the said poor people. Even if they are living under a shed, all people need is safety for themselves and their own.

By this, common people won’t expect the police to go out of their way to escort women from one place to another. No. They are expected to take enough action on men who dare to commit crimes such as gang rapes/rapes. When the next person even thinks to commit such a crime should feel scared in his bones to so much as look at a women in a wrong way!

Did our government make any attempts to create that kind of fear in men to stop them from committing rape? Easy and honest answer is: No! Each and every government is very busy filling their pockets rather than making an impact.

Then the Hathras case happened. The woman was gang raped and brutally injured, got away from being murdered and finally succumbed to death in a hospital! What more? She was also cremated by the Police with only her father present. The police did not allow any other relative of the woman for the cremation, they were not even given the chance to look at her mortal remains for the last time!

When the incident happened, the police who were supposed to save her from danger were not there. And when what’s happened is happened, the police closed the entire village down. They did not allow one soul to go out or the other way round: Stopping the victim’s family to go to media, the media was not allowed inside, politicians were not allowed, although that might as well be a publicity stunt by the opposition party. Latest development on the case: it was handed over to CBI to take the investigation forward, because the police officials in this village were doing a lousy job. This entire episode stinks of political influence.

When these accusations were made, the ruling party came with gang rape and murder cases from the states ruled by the Congress Party. This is understandable; every political party is trying to save their skin by exposing the crimes happening under the other’s nose.

If only they could invest half the energy in giving justice to the victims and their families, they would go a long way! By making the law more stringent, punishments for such crimes spine chilling and blood curdling (only fair for their heinous crimes). By making this country safe for Women and Men alike!

If the government wants to brush off the incidents by saying the convicted are from rural areas and do not have basic moral values. Then start campaigns to educate rural India how to be men and not Monsters! Teach them right from wrong. Tell them the implications for such crimes.

One thing I don’t understand is religious influence on these cases. Primary concern of the people who really want justice to the victims should be just that: try to get justice for them. Why religion of a person committing crime becomes the primary concern? It really does not matter if he is a Christian or Muslim or Hindu. If they are raping women, they fall in only one category: “Monsters”.

It is not your god or their god who is forcing these men on innocent women. Stop making this about religion! When you are stripped off your religion, caste, creed and community, we are all humans. Try to behave like one.

Indian courts are running behind in closing thousands of existing rape cases despite the fact that the number of fast track courts is increased. Still, they are lagging behind. What could be the possible reasons? Shouldn’t there be a special committee to run an investigation to find out the reasons for delay and give them all the required resources to close cases as soon as they can?

Earlier I mentioned most of the convicted are from rural areas and are uneducated. Not trying to make educated men heroes here, we all know there are Monsters among them too. But if you follow the pattern with these cases, these men are known to take things they like by force.

Alternative: any woman in her right mind would not give these men time of their day!

If you want things you like, become worthy of those things. If you like someone, try to be worthy of that someone. Be better. Be human.

Saudhamini Mylaram

HR by profession. Reading has always been one of my favorite things to do apart from gardening, cooking and driving.

4 thoughts on “Rapes or Gang Rapes in India

  1. Well written post but have few opinions/pointers of my own.
    1. Have to say this only one extreme end of the spectrum, there is the other extreme where women have misused the rape charges and ruined lives of innocent men.
    So tell me this what if on pressure of people; who always blame men even if he is innocent; kill him in custody/encounter and later realize he was innocent, who is responsible for the death of that innocent man ?? The laws have to made sure that no innocent person is denied justice.(Don’t believe me on cases check this lady’s twitter https://twitter.com/DeepikaBhardwaj where she has been helping in fighting misuse of the law against men)
    2. Also just as law makes it such that name of the female is not revealed, even the name of the men should not be revealed until they have proof of crime. This law has been misused as the Character assassination of the man starts if his name is revealed in any case. Who is responsible if the guy is found not guilty but now every thinks he is a rapist/ women beater etc. could he go back to work and be normal ??
    3. It’s high time the movies stop objectifying women and that stalking of women is liked by the female lead. Stalking is stalking even if he is a hunk. PERIOD. There is also this bad objectification in movies that stalking of guy is a pure love but stalking by a girl means she’s a mental crazy evil women.
    4. Not only being worthy, but flirting is healthy if it is mutual, a NO is a NO be it from a girl or a guy. No means No. PERIOD

    1. Your points are all true and I made a point myself in the post to make India safe for women and men alike. I have also mentioned about ” innocent women” in my post, not conniving women who take advantage of men and law.
      And the encounter in Priyanka Reddy’s case, the police had enough incriminating evidence.
      I would like to add another point here: you only see cases rang rapes on women, do you hear case of gang rape of men by women? Just a thought to consider.

      1. You might not have heard, there was a case of woman (2-3) drugging men and doing it. It wasn’t funny and a guy escaped and reported it. Yes it is not as much as the cases against women, but it did happen against men too.

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