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Enola Holmes

Genre: Thriller, Mystery

An adventurous thriller with fair bit of mystery and the humor does not fade even as the plot thickens. It keeps us hooked with its fast paced story, chasing scenes and quick and unexpected turns. The presentation from a sixteen year old girl perspective was a nice touch.

The movie is about Enola Holmes, sister of the world famous fictional detective, Sherlock Holmes. Enola is a young, vibrant and clever beyond her age girl, raised by a single mother after her father passed away. And her mother taught her all the skills Enola would require to survive on her own in the whole wide world. Skills when learned by girls and women were frowned upon by the world in that era.

On her sixteen birthday, Enola’s mother disappears and leaves a present for Enola. After her mother’s disappearance, both her brothers come back home to find their mother. Eldest of the brothers, Mycroft is stern, orthodox and could not wait to get rid of Enola. Who he thinks is wild and untameable. He plans to send her to a boarding school to finish her education. A school which, in actuality teaches young women how to be a good wife and mother. And Sherlock is assigned to find their missing mother. Enola does not wish to go to the boarding school and Sherlock tries to comfort her. In the process, he gives her an idea which makes Enola think that the present left by her mother could have clues to find her. Enola then comes up with a plan to find her mother herself, by running away from home.

On the run, she meets a young and dashing Viscount Tewkesbury. Tewkesbury is also on run from his family for similar reasons. He is the Lord Tewkesbury, Marquess of Basilwater, given lordship after his father’s untimely demise. However both of them find themselves in trouble when a killer is after Tewkesbury. Enola saves him by jumping of the running train. Yeah, a bit extreme, but it was definitely entertaining. They reach London and part ways to pursue their individual goals.

Once in London on her own, Enola has quite an adventurous time (a) discovering her mother’s secret plan, (b) the reason why the killer is after Tewkesbury and (c) also spends few days in the boarding school hating every second of it till Tewkesbury saves her from the place. Up until that minute Enola finds Tewkesbury annoying for ruining her plans to find her mother, feels extremely happy he saved her from the boarding school. Of course being the younger sister of Sherlock Holmes, she has the genes to solve a good mystery and end up solving a murder. And she proves to be a better detective than Sherlock!

All in all it was an entertaining and good watch. Enjoyed every bit of it!

My ratings: 4.5/5

By Saudhamini Mylaram

HR by profession. Reading has always been one of my favorite things to do apart from gardening, cooking and driving.

2 replies on “Enola Holmes”

Still haven’t watched it, but since it’s not a Sherlock movie hopefully Henry Cavil doesn’t disappoint. I’m more fond of RDJ’s Shelock movie and waiting for the 3rd part. Also breaking the 4th wall has become new norm for comedy(The trailers atleast showed she breaks the 4th wall). Nice review will be watching it soon.

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