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Prema Desam

This movie was blockbuster musical hit in 90’s. While watching the film I was wondering why. Not once, but many times.

Here are the reasons why I felt so:

  • Nothing sets a good context like starting a movie with bad guys on bikes going after girls like savages! But that’s the only context this movie had in the entire movie.
  • There are two male leads in the movie: Lead # 1: Vineet’s opening scene – dreaming about a faceless girl when he has to go to college. Obviously he runs late and asks an equally jobless Vadivelu on a bicycle for a lift. Because no one else has that kind of time to spare to give him lift. Lead # 2: Abbas’s opening scene – he is an all rounder, hero of the college and a golden boy!
  • Tabu’s introduction scene in the movie – she avoids stepping on fallen flowers on footpath and we have endure Vineet’s poetry for couple of minutes for this insane act! I have good appreciation for poetry, but for whatever reason whenever Vineet starts with his lines, I could not contain my eye-rolls. It was plain cheesy! Tabu’s introduction won’t end there. She creates a ripple effect on the youth with series of catastrophes.
  • As the story progresses, both Abbas and Vineet fall for Tabu’s beauty and she is beautiful in the movie. I will give her that.
  • Vineet, given a free minute starts dreaming about the faceless girl, magically conjures Tabu and she quite literally falls in his lap!
  • While I love Prema prema song, I dint understand its purpose or timing in the movie. Such a waste of a beautiful song!
  • What’s a movie without few college students fighting with hockey sticks damaging public property and creating traffic jams? Somewhere during the fight, Abbas saves Vineet. Why fight in the first place only to be saved by the rivals later? Better story maybe. To stop the riots, however, we have a convoy of police vehicles coming to the place of disturbance as if they are going to arrest them all, only to impart “gyan” to the college students. (Did not see it going down like that!)
  • Back to Tabu, she is one hell of an uncoordinated person in the movie! Whatever problems she/Vineet/Abbas face in the movie is because of her stupid actions and her uncoordinated movements. She is the definition of living breathing disaster waiting to happen. Sometimes she falls on people’s laps and sometimes she throws books on people and makes them miss their bus. To top it off, she also forgets to do the homework! However she survives in the world! Luckily her books get swapped with Vineet and his godforsaken poetry saves her. All she likes to do is walk along the beaches in white dresses while guys stalk her, without her knowledge!
  • Back to the poetry class, the lecturer tells her students to fall in love to become poets! Does that mean people who have love for nature cannot possibly become poets?!
  • Tabu’s in-coordination does not end with just Vineet, she hits abbas in the face with a drafter! What possible use could a drafter be to a poetry student?
  • During Inter-college games, Vineet purposefully loses so Abbas can win the game, just because Abbas saved his life in the college riots. Now, Abbas wants to pay him back by buying him things Vineet could not afford, which leads to the start of their friendship followed by the iconic song: Mustafa Mustafa.
  • The back ground music when either of Abbas and Vineet is with Tabu is as if they are betraying the other just by hanging out with her.
  • Best friends Vineet and Abbas fight for a girl, to whom they haven’t even expressed their feelings and are not even sure if she is going to be with either of them.
  • Apart from being uncoordinated and stupid, she also is a magnet for trouble! She comes in the radar of bad guys. Not only that, loves courting trouble! She slaps the bad guy!!
  • Abbas literally faints at the sight of Tabu and in his faint induced dreams he sings and dances with Tabu. For whatever reason, Abbas has Vineet also dancing right beside him in the song. I’d rather enjoy my dream time alone with the girl dancing and singing, without competition! But hey! whatever helps Abbas.
  • Did I already the cover the part where Tabu is living breathing disaster waiting to happen? Well, just following up here: She takes tennis classes in the night, has a run-in with the bad guys, gets saved by Vineet and feels indebted to him for saving her. That very next day she walks on railway tracks while talking to Abbas. Who does that?? Well, she does! Anyway and her leg gets stuck, Abbas risks his like to save her from not one but two trains coming in her direction. Hope I made my point with Tabu’s role! And now she feels indebted to Abbas too!
  • Tabu’s Parents get a marriage alliance for her and she lashes out at them, saying she needs a friend in her husband. They tell her chose one of her friends, meaning: Vineet, Abbas. As usual Tabu is lost! Which is not a surprise, considering.
  • Abbas at this stage wants to let go of Tabu and writes Vineet a letter saying that he is leaving the city. Vineet chases him and talks sense into Abbas, saying that they should at least tell her how they feel and let her decide what she wants to do. Which they should have done when they realized they were in love with the same girl and save the blood bath!
  • After reading the letters from both guys and she accidentally discovers they are both friends, she wants them all to stay as friends. Such disappointment!
  • But the movie does not end there, the bad guys want pay back for the slap Tabu delivered earlier in the movie. They go after Tabu, both Vineet and Abbas save her from the bad guys after a dragged on fight sequence. And that’s the end of the story!

Incomplete, much?

Yeah, that’s how I felt too!

Why would anyone want to watch this film?

A – For entertainment? – You will get plenty if you enjoy watching:

(a) College guys going gaga over college girls. Back to Vineet’s opening sequence. This is what Vineet was running late for: going early to college and wait in bus stop for girls. As if this is not enough to digest, the makers throw in a song too, about how the guys are (there is no better way to put this) lusting after college girls!!!

(b) Hero going on with his cheesy poetry.

(c) Vadivelu’s comedy on girls was just plain raunchy! How did the makers get away with so much incriminating content? It was disgusting to watch.

(d) Guys going after the girl’s father to impress instead of impressing the girl.

B – Good story? – The makers could have made a short film and be done with it instead of dragging the story over two and half hours! It was torturous to watch two mindless guys pining over one hazardous girl!

The only thing I found worth in the entire film is A R Rahman’s music. And for that reason I am giving the following ratings if not for anything else.

My rating: 1/5.

Saudhamini Mylaram

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