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Wardrobe Choices this Wedding season: Rana & Miheekha

Rana Daggubati & Miheekha Bajaj’s wedding has been the talk of town for the last couple of days. Entire Tollywood is happy now that Rana finally chose to settle down. The couple have been in the spot light ever since Rana announced their engagement back in May. They are no doubt a good looking pair and their engagement pictures were minimalist and plain, yet beautiful. Their wardrobe choices for the event were simple and traditional.

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Rana in his white shirt and Pattu Pancha and Miheekha in a Pink Silk saree which she paired with one heavy necklace, were looking effortlessly beautiful and dashing! She could have done away with the work blouse, opted for a full border blouse instead and the dhupatta! I did not understand the concept of dhupatta when you already have saree pallu. How is a dhupatta going to change the overall look of the saree? She could have probably styled it better. Anyway, she wanted to wear one and she did. That’s that.

I could not stop myself from comparing this pair to Samantha and Naga Chaitanya. Their engagement pictures were beautiful in a fairy tale kind of a way and their wedding too. Sam rocked the Off-White saree with all the major events embroidered/worked into it, which narrates their love story. It was a beautiful gesture! And her jewelry also complimented the saree. She was looking all angelic in her engagement pictures. And Chai, he was looking his charming self with open collared blazer. Quite opposite to the look Rana and Miheekha went for, all traditional. And Sam and Chai went for the modern look with just a dash of traditional in it.

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For the wedding Sam wore Chai’s grandmother’s saree and paired it with high neck work blouse in contrast color. She went for just one grand looking Haram to complement her saree. She was looking every bit a south Indian bride with the flowers and head jewelry. And Chai was in pattu pancha and kanduva. All in all their Telugu wedding was simple yet elegant.

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For her Christian wedding, Sam went for princess tulle ball gown, which was absolutely gorgeous! She paired her gown with a simple chain and earnings. She was looking every bit a Disney princess! Chai was in his tux, looking dapper! They both complement each other and are the cutest Tollywood couple!

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Each wedding is different in its own way and one wedding cannot be compared to another. Having seen pictures of few high profile Tollywood weddings, I think we pick our favorites from the list. And for me it is Sam and Chai’s wedding! Theirs was ideal, destination wedding without going overboard with excess show of wealth.

After Rana and Miheekha’s engagement, I guess I was looking for similar kind of minimalism and elegance from them. While their wedding pictures are nothing short of regal and ravishing, but it was also a bit overwhelming. I am aware that wedding is a once in a lifetime occasion and people choose to go all out and brides are allowed to choose what works best for them. Miheekha’s wedding lehenga was magnificent! But the jewelry? It was plain gaudy and it was not going with her dress. Or was it just me?

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Anyway, Miheekha was looking stunning throughout the pre-wedding events. Her dresses and jewelry were complementing each other perfectly, except for the wedding day. Rana at least did not disappoint with his clothes choices. He chose to remain simple and carried the groom look with elegance in a sherwani and his usual handsome self, making this, one of the most desirable groom’s look any bride will be saving for, for their own D-day.

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He did coordinate with his bride for most of the ceremonies and did not go for any of the groom jewelry, a trend that has picked up from the past few years. Subtly making a point that all the materialistic things does not matter when you are finally tying the knot with the person you are in love with and going to spend the rest of your lives together.

Happy Married life Rana & Miheekha and all the best wishes to both of you!!

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