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Why do we look for job opportunities? Did we have to do that a hundred years ago?

Way back when, agriculture was the backbone of Indian economy. Majority of us come from this background. But our forefathers wanted better lifestyle for their children and so they wanted their children to be educated, to do the desk jobs which are apparently more prestigious.

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Looking at the current trend, people are doing their very best research as to which company would be the best company to work for, what career choices will place us in a secured position, should the market fall, etc. Guess what, no company is beyond the point of laying off and no position is secured. It is always good to have a fallback option like agriculture. After all, food industry is always going to be in demand so long as the man shall live.

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This would have been great if our previous generations invested in agriculture. Since some of them dint, it is time we re-consider what our interests really are. What are we good at apart from the degrees we hold? What hidden talents do we have? It is time to let those dreams fly from the cages!

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It would have saved a lot of time if we gave our interests a bit more consideration back when we were about to pursue our engineering degree, which most of us were pushed into. Why? Because the industry is in boom and the jobs pay well.

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I came across a stand-up comedy video, in which this person was roasting all the engineers who pursued it because their families wanted them to. Asking them to stop whining and continue with their lives. At this point, I wanted to ask her, what education background she comes from. And how is she passing the judgement of people falling under this category without living through it?

It must have been an easy topic for her gig, but for some people it could be real. I know people in my circle who have given up engineering half way through it and pursed something else. Anyone who is having the power of influencing people with the platforms they have, should use it to share awareness of the struggles people go through, instead of passing it off as a funny comment.

Well, going back to the “Industry boom”. Where is it now?

The world economy is facing the worst kind of recession of all times! Millions of people around the globe have lost their jobs! Most of these people have families. Who is going to create jobs for them now?

Like the recruiters on LinkedIn keep posting about how to not lose hope, keep applying for jobs daily, up skill, take courses that might add value to your resume, etc., and one day five months from now, you will end up with your dream job in hand with three more offers as backup.

Sure! But what are you going to do with the extra time on your hand?

Now is when you put your hidden talents to use. Use your researching skills to understand how best you can leverage your skills in the free time you have. Take the next steps in that direction. Seek guidance from people who have already done it. You never know, if you happen to make big with your talents, you could be creating jobs for someone who is passionate about it just as much as you are!

This is a competitive world we live in. If you sit and wait for the opportunities to come knock on your door, you would simply be wasting your time. Take that first step and reach out to opportunities or be the creator of opportunities!

By Saudhamini Mylaram

HR by profession. Reading has always been one of my favorite things to do apart from gardening, cooking and driving.

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