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Summer of 2020

How many of you are glad the rainy season is finally here? I know for a fact that I am very happy the monsoon has arrived on time. I was so occupied with other things; I did not pay attention to the change in the climate until the last couple of days. Mainly because it would rain all night long and days would pretend that it would rain any minute now but wait till night time anyway.

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Last week my friend telling me about how the monsoon had already arrived in Kerala, but due the Corona Virus, it is going to be in self quarantine for the next fourteen days! Good thing rainy season does not have qualms about catching virus, that’s why it started raining the same day while we were having this conversion and the climate continues to be pleasant.

I don’t know about others but I am really appreciating the rains especially after the hottest summer I ever had to endure! Probably because I have stayed home for an entire summer, it felt like the summer was going on forever! The heat was intolerable! Maybe because for the last few summers I have started my days a bit early to avoid sun’s wrath, enjoyed office A/C from 9 in the morning to 6 in the evening. Not that I don’t enjoy A/C at home, in office the A/C is everywhere. When I mean everywhere: it is everywhere, the pantry, cafeteria and what not. Do we get to do that home? The minute I step out of my room even at 11 AM in the morning, I would be drenched in sweat! And being in kitchen anytime after 11 AM is pure torture. Unfortunately we cannot whip out something to eat under a minute.

Hence, I want to thank the office A/C today for making my previous summers easy! I don’t think I have appreciated it enough in all these years.

Back to why summer 2020 was such a pain: entire summer 2020 was dedicated to Lock-down, at least in India. Nobody was stepping out, using vehicles (which produce pollution, due to which the heat increases) and none of the industries were running (which are the major source of pollution, in turn cause of heat generation). What could possibly be the reason for summer 2020 to be the most unbearable summer? Is it because of Global Warming?

To which my father easily explained, it is for the lack of heat carrying particles (which are basically dust particles, they were unavailable because the environment was healing itself too), the heat emitted by Sun was directly absorbed by the air surrounding us. Hence we felt the spike in temperatures when compared to last few years. Global Warming could hardly be the reason, since we were already in lock-down to abuse the environment.

My summer, in a nutshell was, living in my room, enjoying the A/C until and unless I absolutely had to step out. My friends living in apartments have suggested: “why don’t to go out on to your terrace and enjoy the evening breeze?”  So I thought: alright, let’s try this. We have a wrap around garden which has many trees; we can enjoy the breeze from rooftop as much as from our portico. So I took my laptop around sunset and made myself comfortable for the next hour or so, on our terrace. What could possibly go wrong here, you think? With so many trees around, you would expect them to move and create the breeze. Guess what, not one leaf was making an attempt to move, let alone branches and trees!

Some people believe it is better in the city during summers, because after a very hot day they can expect a summer shower, which is usually not case with villages. We did have those in Hyderabad. Since they are localized, you only get to know where it rained in the next day Newspaper. And, the place where I live has only seen two summer showers. Whereas my friends and family living in other parts of the city would tell that they had a bit of rain at least twice a week or more in some cases. Did not know summer showers could be partial!

All in all summer of 2020 was a very unique experience to all of us. Main experience was summer in itself!

By Saudhamini Mylaram

HR by profession. Reading has always been one of my favorite things to do apart from gardening, cooking and driving.

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I love reading your blogs. Came across them through Anirudh. Hope you remember me I am suhasini friend from MGIT and we have watched a movie together in Sai ram theatre a decade ago.

Anyways you write very well keep going!!!

Thank you so much! Of course I remember you! I am actually glad you remember me! I will definitely continue my efforts, will need your support in reading my posts and sharing your thoughts..

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