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Sushanth Singh Rajput in his Death

With the unexpected demise of Sushanth Singh Rajput, his fans are digging dirt on the “Bollywood Biggies”. There was a post on Facebook, which says: Sushanth has scored 9th rank in an entrance exam, while Sonam Kapoor, Karan Johar are 12th Pass and Alia Bhatt is 10th Fail. Frankly, I don’t know the facts behind this post, but why did Sushanth Singh Rajput not pursue his career in Engineering & Technology field if he scored 9th Rank in the entrance exam?

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As such, I have nothing against him. He was a great actor and had immense talent for which the country has appreciated him. Every person can have more than one talent he or she is good at. His passion clearly was in acting; he chose this career for himself and left his other aspirations behind. It makes no sense in comparing his academic scores to other actors or filmmakers. If the comparison has to be made, compare his acting skills to his peers. Can people come out and tell that Alia and Sonam did not make movies worth watching? In fact, (it pains to me accept this, since I am not a fan of either of them) these actors have received a few awards too. 

A lot of people are now talking about Nepotism within the industry. Really, though? When you look back into the generations, this was how it was done. For an instance, Prudhivi Raj Kapoor was an actor and film maker, Raj Kapoor after him, his sons, his grandchildren are also in this business now. The actors have passed down their talent through their legacy. It is not just in Film industry. It was in every industry! That is basically the caste system in India! Way back when, each person chose their specialization and made it their profession. Outsiders where never allowed in any field. Even Sadhguru Spoke about how Caste system was indeed based on each person’s profession.

There are always exceptions to every rule. And we have seen a lot of outsiders who have become great actors, like Rajesh Khanna and many others.

This of course is the 21st century, and there has been a tremendous change in how people are thinking. Our systems are evolving and accepting outsiders with just enough talent to prove themselves. This is applicable to any industry. In simple terms, if you are applying for an accountant job in a well known company. The company already has a bunch of interns who are showing good potential. Who would the company choose?  You, who are an outsider, whose potential is not known to the company or the Intern who is already proving his/ her worth? The answer is pretty evident. No organization by any means is obligated to give you a job for any of the reasons. Even though you have the skill set, in-house talent would be chosen, because it is tried and tested.

There were some rumors about how the actor was depressed with the fact that the big production houses are not giving him an opportunity.

All of us have a dream company we want to work with, so I find no fault in having an aspiration to work with big production houses. But, just because my dream is to work with a big company does not put the said company in any obligation to hire me. Similarly, if you look at the film industry, no film maker is obligated to cast a particular person in their films, unless it is legally documented that they are going to do so. If a Film maker is choosing a star kid instead of choosing a person with talent, not saying the star kids don’t come with talent; it is purely the Film maker’s decision. There are other film makers too in the industry, who would probably give preference to talent rather than their lineage.

Other rumors indicated that he begged people to go watch his films.

So yes, you are passionate about acting, you have acted in a couple of movies. That does not mean everybody is obligated to watch every film that has ever been made. You made a movie, because you are passionate about it and I want to watch a film which gives me enough motivation to watch it. If people are choosing not to watch your films, it does not translate into you being a bad actor, there could be many reasons why a movie did not make big at the box office.

Simply put, all the speculations around the actor’s death are just that: Speculations. Please don’t blow these speculations out of proportion just because you have plenty of time on hand. You can probably direct this energy into being supportive to the actor’s family. And there are many other struggling actors who need the help. Extend your support to them, which could lead to the big breakthrough an actor could be looking for instead for giving the so called “Bollywood Biggies” the kind of attention, which they don’t deserve in someone death.

The media houses are monetizing his death by cooking up all the rumors. While we do not know the real reasons behind the actor’s suicide, I am sure he wants all of us to remember him in a good light. Let’s not tarnish his memory by adding fodder to these rumors. May his soul rest in peace!

Saudhamini Mylaram

HR by profession. Reading has always been one of my favorite things to do apart from gardening, cooking and driving.

One thought on “Sushanth Singh Rajput in his Death

  1. There’s a whole turn of events when Sushanth Singh Rajput decided to quit on his life. Suddenly along with “Corona”, the new word which picked up speed is “Nepotism”. It is everywhere like mentioned above but how we deal with it is a combination of self-assurance, restraint and external factors. In his case the external factors overpowered any shred of confidence he had in himself and as someone put it, there was a “systematic lynching of his fragile mind”.

    Everyone knows that behind the glitz and glamour of the film industry there is a murky place. For the so-called products of “nepotism”, this place doesn’t exist, they are simply put in the forefront, ahead of all those who are still stuck trying to get past the obscurity and making their grand entrance into the limelight. These are the people who are placed behind those who have their “good karma” working for them.

    Definitely this entire happening will not offend those who have indeed inherited their acting genes from their parents but this should be an eye-opener for those who were tossed at us – the audience – again and again – repeatedly until either we gave up and accepted them or until they gave up and chose alternate careers.
    How many of them belong to non-filmi families? Maybe none.

    The late actor had his options to do well in life being an academically inclined person, but probably his passion was to make a mark in the film industry. True, any amount of “digging dirt” isn’t going to help his cause anymore, but probably might give someone else the courage to face it and speak up, probably might help in averting a tragedy for another family.

    RIP Sushanth Singh Rajput !

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