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Gender Equality & Financial Equality goes hand in hand?

Just the other day I was watching a Video, wherein a women agrees to meet the person her parents chose for her. Of course, she did her research before she meets the guy and only agreed to meet him because of his financial status.

Now the women, has some conditions before she agrees to marry him. Conditions like, she believes in gender equality and she needs to be treated his equal, she will not contribute in household chores, wants to live in a separate apartment with her husband, does not want to entertain his family and friend in the apartment, will be out with her boyfriend late into the nights and he (the husband) cannot question it, does not want to have kids, etc..

The guy agrees to all her conditions. But…he has his own conditions to put forward too. He in fact reiterates all the conditions she put forward from a guy’s perspective. Since she cannot cook, each of them will order their own food and pay for it separately, live in a separate apartment and share the EMI/ house rent, does not want to entertain her family and friends in the apartment to avoid showcasing their fake marriage, does not want to have kids to increase global population, he also believes in gender equality and wants her to take the financial responsibilities too..

By the end of the discussion, the women was flabbergasted and picks up her things to leave. The guy stops her and asks her to pay her share of the bill before she leaves. To which she was disgusted and pays her share reluctantly.

I didn’t really have to watch the video to know that the points highlighted by the guy makes more sense. However, I was surprised that a women, who believes in gender equality, but fails to understand the basic concept of equality altogether!

By Saudhamini Mylaram

HR by profession. Reading has always been one of my favorite things to do apart from gardening, cooking and driving.

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